Real Estate Investing Free Yourself

It is another beautiful rainy day here in North Carolina. I just finished reading some great articles on investing and really wanted to share a couple of key thoughts with you. As you have probably figured out by now I am a big proponent of flipping houses versus holding and for several reasons. Today I would like to talk about probably the #1 reason holding is not a good idea until you get to a place were you can hold.

Pressure….That’s right I said Pressure. When you hold a property you will typically have to get a mortgage or loan unless you know how to raise unlimited funds from private investors which, is the method I prefer. When you do borrow from a bank or mortgage lender you become a slave to that loan and property. If you lose your tenant or something else goes wrong with that property you are all of a sudden put under pressure to make the payments and pressure can lead to poor decisions. When you don’t have to worry about bills and you have all the money you need in the bank your creative juices really start flowing. The Bible says neither a borrower nor lender be. This is some of the greatest advice ever written. When you lend or borrow you have someone to be accountable to and something to worry about. Free yourself and eliminate all debt. You can Flip your houses and pay off debt and then use your profits and private money to do deals. This will give you a sense of freedom you could never have imagined.